Re.veal. - Trauma Perception Assessment

Re.veal. - Trauma Perception Assessment

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The Trauma Perception Assessment is an 'attitudinal assessment'. While other tests measure your personality traits or other static properties, this test is different. It is designed to determine how your attitude, perceptions and perspective are influencing your world. 

Trauma consists of an event + our reaction or perception of that event. Often, the latter is where we get stuck- sometimes for years. 

This assessment reveals how you are (likely unconsciously) relating to the world around you- and uncovers new ways for you to perceive your situation and your past. 

The 7 level model is extremely useful in understanding where you are in your healing journey, and what the next step requires in order to move forward. 

What does this include?  

You will receive an online, self paced questionnaire. Your results will be sent to me for interpretation. Once I have your results, we will set an appointment to discuss what the test demonstrates, and how you can create change. 

You will walk away from our session with:

  • A 10 page report about your personal patterns of thought and behavior;
  • 45 minute debrief with me regarding your results;
  • An understanding of your key strengths and pitfalls;
  • Strategies for shifting yourself to the next level of healing.