Re.Build. Unit 3: The Rules

Re.Build. Unit 3: The Rules

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Welcome to Re.Build! This is the third of five units in this program. This section consists of 3 weeks of material. Each week contains a workbook and an audio to support you in your learning! 

In this section, we will learn:

  • what rules are, and why they are imperative to understand in order to create change,
  • the origin of your rules,
  • how to uncover your unconscious rules,
  • what beliefs are and how they impact you,
  • how to change negative beliefs,
  • what values are, and why they are important,
  • how to use values as a means of guidance and support. 

The content for this section is available via a password protected page. Simply download your materials at your own pace. The password and page link are included in your download, which is displayed on the receipt page once your payment is processed!