Principles: An eCourse

Principles: An eCourse

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This is a seven day email course, providing key principles to healing. These are the big ideas that had a monumental impact on my healing journey. These concepts are the cornerstone to overcoming the trauma of emotional violence and codependency. 

The purpose of this course is to save you the time and struggle of finding out these principles on your own. 

What to expect: 

  • one email per day over the course of one week- each explaining a principle that is fundamental to healing;
  • 7 screen saver images with the principle for you to download to remind yourself of what you've learned, and to prompt you in change;
  • worksheets and meditation audio to provide you with immediate tools and skills;
  • resources for further help and to further guide your investigation of trauma and healing.

Who you are:

  • in a stable and safe place to do this work;
  • ready to make real change in your life and ideas;
  • prepared to examine your own thoughts and behaviors, and to work to shift them;
  • supported (if necessary) by a mental health professional to manage serious concerns (my content is not designed to replace a counselor or psychiatrist, nor can it heal serious mental health concerns).

This course is a great first step to explore healing. I have designed it to be cost effective and accessible. Plus, it will help you to discover where to go next in your healing journey.