Undoubtedly, you’re wondering, ‘who wakes up one morning and decides to think about childhood psychological maltreatment every day of their life?’ Well, no one. But someone needs to.

At present, there are very few programs and supports specifically for those who've experienced emotional violence. For those programs that do exist, they are primarily focused on partner perpetrated 'narcissistic abuse' rather than developmental trauma. While survivors have access to resources for more mainstream mental health concerns like depression or anxiety, this does not meet all the needs of this unique group. 

In an effort to fill this gap, I began studying these topics in order to understand and heal these challenges for myself. That has become my strength. I love learning different theories, applying methodologies and reading research so that I can find answers to our specific problems. My role is to share those solutions I’ve found useful.

That is the work I do. That is the service I provide. I am a supplement to the other professionals who will assist you in healing. I am here to help you manage those pieces related to your experience with childhood emotional violence. 


B.A. in Psychology from the University of Victoria

J.D. in Law from the University of British Columbia

CPC from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching