Collection: Re.Build. (Relaunch coming June 1, 2020)

***Re.Build is being completely updated for June 1, 2020 launch***

Re.Build. From the ground up. In this 5 unit program, we learn how to get out of our own way. We discover how we are operating and why. We get to know ourselves honestly, and completely. Then, we create change based on choice- not unconscious habits that have guided us for years. 

Re.Build. teaches you to take care of yourself, through understanding how you operate and giving you the power to choose differently.

What to expect:

  • Intense reflective work;
  • Habit tracking;
  • Personal analysis of thoughts, wounds, and habits;
  • Change models & tools;
  • Heightened personal awareness;
  • An understanding of our personal drivers;
  • Knowledge to choose our behaviors.

Who you are:

  • you are looking to move from unconscious to conscious,
  • in a time and place for learning and understanding yourself, you are ready for change,
  • supported (if necessary) by a mental health professional to manage serious concerns (my content is not designed to replace a counselor or psychiatrist, nor can it heal serious mental health concerns);
  • you have an hour a week, for 15 weeks to dedicate to the work of this program. 
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