• 3 Reasons You Can’t Change

    Its about that time of year when we have made (and broken) a few promises to ourselves. Usually these involve saving money, going to the gym, or so...
  • On Wanting What is Right, to Feel Right

    There are many ways to make a decision; write a pros and cons list, ask a friend, or get professional advice. However, more often than not, we listen to our two primary guides- our head, and our 'gut'.  
    Unfortunately, these two are famously out of alignment when it comes to difficult decisions. As Pascal famously said, 'the heart has reasons that reason knows not of.' More plainly, feelings are not based on reason. 
    When our heart and our head disagree, we are left confused. Which side do we agree with? Whom do we follow into the future? Generally? We follow neither, remaining stuck in indecision. 
    The difficult answer is in such instances, neither are entirely correct. Some decisions will simply 'feel bad'.