live by choice

not by habit

“I am afraid that this all there is for me...”

Here we are; at 30, 40, 50, 60. After all this time, we still haven’t figured out how this whole life thing works. We haven’t achieved accolades, or security, or even contentment. Instead, we find ourselves breaking the same resolutions, falling into the same bad habits, and procrastinating on our goals. We are still doing things we don’t like, for people we don’t agree with.

 As the years go by, we try to accept that maybe it’s just not in the cards for us. Maybe we are just ‘average’. But part of us can’t help but yearn for more. Where did we go wrong? How did we fail to meet all that potential we once had?

I know; the pain of trying to live this way is excruciating. You are trapped between resigning yourself to mundanity and the impossible dream. And it doesn’t matter how many books you read, or how many TED talks you listen to. The answer isn’t someone else’s to give you, it’s your job to find.

 Kant famously wrote, “I need not think, so long as I can pay.” A strange quote to put on a page that is selling things, I know. But I am not here to sell you pat answers to such questions.

I am here to challenge you to discover the answers for yourself.

The right answer for you, is in you. It is only a matter of learning. Learning to trust yourself. Learning how to take care of yourself. Learning to stand up for yourself. Learning to get out of your own way. Learning to embrace what you are and how you see the world- even if others don’t understand. Discovering and making your contribution to this world- even if no one will like, share or even pay for it.

This journey requires the courage to take responsibility, to think, to question, to overcome, and to be uncertain. It asks that you have the courage to be who you are, and what’s more- to love it.

That is the work I do. And while I cannot solve your puzzle for you, I can give you the tools I have used in working on my own. I can point out perspective shifts to make certain pieces fall into place.

 It would be my honor to assist you in that work.